GCF is a registered Child Protection Organisation promoting the rights and wellbeing of children and families, not just to survive, but to thrive! And everyone can get involved. Here are some ways you could get involved and make a difference.


The challenges and expectations for funding and resources grow greater and greater each year for each of our programmes that rely on receiving sustainable funding. Each new year requires ever more sophisticated and ambitious fundraising strategies to sustain and grow the programmes and organisation. If you believe that Children Belong in Secure Families, you can help us!

We need funding for: our programmes and operational costs

  • family support
  • education
  • health
  • therapy
  • social work
  • reunification services
  • prevention and early intervention services
  • food relief
  • electricity
  • transport to school, clinic, hospital, training, and awareness campaigns in the

Everyone has the opportunity to assist families to not just survive, but to thrive!


Given Gain Campaign 

Give a Child a Family (GCF) was established in 1992 and have over the past 25 years developed and implemented a child protection model. A large percentage of children placed at GCF are neglected, abandoned or removed from their parents due to poverty.

Leave a Legacy

Gift in Memory

Donating in Memory of a loved one is a lasting and rewarding way to make a tribute to a loved one’s life. This heartfelt gift will assist us to plan and implement long-term programs that will have a lasting impact in making our Children Safe and Secure. In-Memory Donations can be made at any time, from a once off donation to an annual occurrence to commemorate a loved one’s birthday or wedding anniversary. Your donation can remain anonymous, if you wish it to remain a private affair.

Funeral Collections

If you are arranging a funeral service, you may want to encourage friends and relatives to make an ‘In Memory’ donation to Give a Child a Family. A gift ‘In Memory’ sustains our work in fighting poverty, supporting child protection and community strengthening, as well as helping families in need to build a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Gifts in Lieu of Flowers

If you would like family and friends to give a donation to GCF in lieu of flowers you may want to include this request in the obituary notice.

“Donations in lieu of flowers to Give a Child a Family – Lot32 Alexander Ave, Margate, 4275″

Leave a Legacy of Love in your Will

By including GCF in your Will, you will ensure our work with the children, families and communities for years to come. You will be helping us provide a secure environment, community strengthening, education, healthcare and sustainability for families, children and the community as well as helping us to respond to emergencies when they happen.

Creating or updating your Will is something that you should not put off, as it is one of the most important decisions that you must make. That is why we are reminding you to make the choice and include GCF in your Will. Your legacy will live on long after you have gone, and the difference your legacy will make to the many need children, will be life-changing.


Thank you for making a contribution.

You can choose one of the following methods to make your donation.


  • Give a Child a Family Banking Details
  • Account name: Give a Child a Family
    Bank: Nedbank
    Branch: Port Shepstone
    Branch code: 198 765
    Account type: Current/Cheque account
    Account number: 1398 047 244
    Swift code: NEDSZAJJ
    Reference: Donate *YOUR NAME*


  • Swedish Banking Details
  • Bankgironr: 5279-9954
    Swish: 123 161 15 57


  • Dutch banking details:
  • NL84RABO 0364618051
  • t.n.v. Stichting Vrienden van GCF te Amsterdam.

Monthly Signup

Taxation Receipts

GCF is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and therefore bona fide cash, services or goods in kind donations qualify as tax deductible for which Section 18A receipts can be issued.

GCF Ambassador Programme

As an organisation, we would really like to raise more awareness of the work that we do. We want to spread the message of child protection across the globe and we need your help. What would a GCF Ambassador have to do?

  • Raise awareness about GCF and its programmes
  • Raise funds for GCF
  • Promote the GCF Philosophy
  • Direct traffic to our website
  • Share our social media posts
  • Start a campaign

We will discuss in detail what this will entail and how you could help us raise more awareness about child protection and the work of GCF. If this is of interest to you, kindly send an email to requesting more information about our GCF Ambassador Programme. We look forward to hearing from you!

International Volunteer Programme

The International Volunteer Programme offers the opportunity for a life-changing experience. Give a Child a Family Africa believes that volunteering is a two-way experience, which brings value to not only the organisation, but also to the volunteers.

The 6 to 12-month programme provides people from the age of 19 years and up with cultural exchange, new knowledge and environments. As team members, international volunteers actively work with our staff in different departments, possibly on rotation according to the organisation’s needs. This includes driving to schools and clinics, maintenance work, housekeeping, school holiday programmes and more. Also, special skills can be utilised, such as carpentry, occupational therapy, IT and more.

Online orientation meetings will commence before arrival and continue once here. For more information, please email:

Contact us to find out more

+27 (0)39 317 2761

P O Box 22910, Gayridge, Margate, 4275, South Africa
Lot 32 Alexander Avenue, Gayridge, Margate, SOUTH AFRICA

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