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GCF adheres to the Child Protection Act by protecting the identities and confidentiality of our children. Photos used on our site are not necessarily of children in our care. Every effort is made to never publish the names or faces of our children. Please contact us directly should you require more information about the use of photographs on our website.


Preventative and curative healthcare is provided to all children commencing with a full health assessment on admission which is especially important for children that have been abused.

Where and when indicated, other health professionals, hospitals and clinics are consulted. Services includes, Immunization HIV/AIDS & TB testing, Nutritional Planning, Occupational and Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Dental Care. The program for children with a physical and/or mental disability includes speech and/or other communication therapy, Physio and occupational Therapy, Water/Ozone Therapy and a focus on improving their mobility in the specially designed therapy and sensory unit.

For the day to day care, Special needs children are fully integrated with normally- abled children.




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