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GCF adheres to the Child Protection Act by protecting the identities and confidentiality of our children. Photos used on our site are not necessarily of children in our care. Every effort is made to never publish the names or faces of our children. Please contact us directly should you require more information about the use of photographs on our website.



The first years of a child’s life are crucial in determining his/her attitude towards education. If parents, caregivers and teachers make learning fun from the beginning, they develop positive attitudes towards school. Praise and encouragement of children results in development of self-confidence, even if they have experienced challenges or had a traumatic past.

Our Milestone & Early Childhood development program is provided to babies and toddlers aged birth to 3 years old. All childcare staff are trained on the revolutionary BrainBoosters program that focus on age specific, early teaching of:




    Colours         Shapes          Numbers


    My Body       Animals          Food



Children from age 3 to 6 years six attend our on-site Early Childhood Development Crèche, which prepares them for school  readiness  before going into formal education within the community. Currently only 20% of South African children have access to ECD education before attending primary school, and ECD is  vital to all children to ensure they are properly prepared and school ready.

From Grade R, children are integrated back into the local schools in the area, best suited to their culture, language and appropriate age development. After school care at GCF is fundamental as children benefit from the added support and assistance of trained caregivers with homework, mental, emotional & physical activities.




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