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GCF adheres to the Child Protection Act by protecting the identities and confidentiality of our children. Photos used on our site are not necessarily of children in our care. Every effort is made to never publish the names or faces of our children. Please contact us directly should you require more information about the use of photographs on our website.



GCF acknowledges that various stakeholders play a role in providing an effective Child Protection System and that a variety of holistic services should be available to vulnerable children and families at risk. The vision of GCF is “children in secure families” and that institutional care for children should be a last resort and then for short periods only, whilst family based care options are pursued

Temporary safe care is available for up to 60 children, including 6 beds for Special Needs Children, a who have been removed from unsafe situations and are awaiting placement in a secure family. The programme is designed to build resilience in children, equipping them to cope with challenges they may face in a positive way.

During a child’s stay at GCF’s Temporary Place of Safety, a holistic range of services are offered and provided for the children

Family Based Care is the care, nurture and development of a vulnerable child within an existing family as an alternative to long term institutional care. It is now globally accepted that institutional care should be a last resort for vulnerable children and then for a short period only.

It is usually poor families who open their hearts and homes to orphans and vulnerable children. The powerful African principal of "Ubuntu" - "I am well when we are well" results in a strong culture of "community".





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