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GCF adheres to the Child Protection Act by protecting the identities and confidentiality of our children. Photos used on our site are not necessarily of children in our care. Every effort is made to never publish the names or faces of our children. Please contact us directly should you require more information about the use of photographs on our website.




GCF advocates and lobbies for children to be in secure families as an alternative to long term institutional care. The Child and Youth Care Centre is registered as temporary care for children awaiting placement with a family. GCF is a prime example of the transition of Children’s Home to a Child protection Organisation providing a variety of services to children and families to contribute to deinstitutionalisation of children. GCF plays a leading role in SA and has a strong presence with some African governments through training, networks and conferences.

Locally GCF is involved with community structures, The Child Protection Unit of the South African Police Services (known as Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit), the National Directorate of the Department of Social Development (DSD) Task Team for amendments to the Children’s Act 41 (as amended 2007), chairs the Department of Social Development Welfare Liaison and Child Protection Forums. GCF is also represented at the KwaZulu Natal Provincial Advisory Council for Children (KPACC) through the Premiers Office on the Rights of the Child at local, provincial and national level.

GCF facilitates the district Social Workers and Residential Facility Forums and networks actively with Childline, Children’s Rights Centre (CRC) and Child Welfare and all local Child and Youth Care Centres in this area.





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